How White-Collar Criminal Charges Can Be Defended

Sometimes people commit financial offenses because they believe, for instance, exaggerating the details on tax filings or an insurance claim is not a big deal.

But the government takes these offenses seriously. They have and do file charges, many of which have significant prison sentences tied to them.

Skilled Defense For White Collar Or Financial Charges

At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we are an established, reputable criminal defense team with a reputation for defending clients against serious, complex white collar charges.

With decades of experience, our attorneys know the law and are skilled in preparing strategic defenses to mitigate potential consequences associated with your charges.

Our firm represents those charged with any type of white collar crime, including fraud.

Specific Types Of Fraud Charges

Fraud is the most common type of white collar crime. Individuals often face fraud charges if they use deception to illegally obtain monetary gain. Common examples include:

  • Health insurance fraud, or falsifying claims or lying on a claim to obtain more money
  • Tax fraud, or providing inaccurate information on your tax returns or tax filings
  • Credit card fraud, or including lying about stolen credit cards or regarding returns
  • Mail fraud, or using the US Postal Service to commit fraud
  • Internet fraud, or conducting fraudulent activity over the phone
  • Bank fraud, or using false information to obtain more money from the bank
  • Embezzlement and money laundering, or fraudulently taking money from your business or organization

The Seriousness Of A White Collar Conviction

In many cases, prosecutors will charge an individual with multiple counts of fraud, which often escalates a state charge to a federal charge. Federal charges often carry steeper penalties and the ominous possibility of federal prison time.

You need representation by someone who has significant experience in this area and knows how to work with the prosecution to keep the charges against you to a minimum.

Turn To Our Criminal Defense Team

At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, we know what’s at stake for you and your family. We will carefully investigate the allegations against you and build a solid case on your behalf to prepare for trial. If you or a loved one has been charged with fraud or any other serious white collar offense, you must take the situation seriously. Prosecutors will not hesitate to pursue penalties to the full extent of the law.

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