Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

When You Are Hurt In A Car Or Truck Accident

There are many types of vehicles on Tennessee roadways including other cars, commercial trucks and motorcycles. Unfortunately, not every driver is following the rules or paying attention as they should. If you were in an accident because someone was negligent, Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC can help.

Motor vehicle accidents do not always involve two vehicles. You may have been hit and hurt while you were on a bike or out running or walking. We understand how devastating an injury can be, and we know that you are worried about paying off medical bills, your mortgage or rent and other payments due. This is especially true if your injury caused you to lose precious work income.

We Can Help You Collect The Money You Are Due

At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, we are not just another personal injury law firm. We have decades of collective experience and a deep knowledge and understanding of Tennessee injury law, and we are listed in the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Additionally, we’ve been selected to Tennessee Super Lawyers and have been rated by Best Lawyers of America since 2007. Our team of attorneys has the capacity to take on a simple distracted driving crash to a complex semi-truck accident.

To prevail (or win) in a personal injury case negligence must be proven. This involves four things:

  1. Duty: The other driver had a duty to follow the rules, for example, not speed, not be distracted or not drive while drunk.
  2. Breach: The other driver failed to fulfill that duty. For example, the driver was speeding, or reckless, or was under the influence.
  3. Causation: The other driver’s actions or failure to act caused the accident, in whole or in part.
  4. Damages/harm: Because of the driver’s action or inaction you were harmed.

If you or your child, spouse or loved one was injured in a serious car accident call and talk to a personal injury attorney. At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, we take these types of cases on a contingency fee basis. This means it costs you nothing to call or email us. It never costs you to come in for a visit, tell us what happened and get our advice. In fact, you pay us nothing unless we take your case and win a settlement (an agreement before a trial) or verdict (a court decision) for you.

Types Of Damages That Can Be Pursued

As soon as you are able after an accident, see a doctor. Even if you only feel “a little off,” it is important to be checked out. This is because your adrenaline is running high after a crash, and adrenaline can mask pain. Some injuries, such as internal, back, spine, neck and even brain trauma, do not immediately present. It may take a day or a week for these injuries to be symptomatic.

When you see a medical professional, be sure to tell them you were in a motor vehicle accident and that your symptoms showed up after the accident. This will help the care provider know what to look for, and it will ensure that this information is included in your exam notes and chart.

Speak To An Attorney Even If You Are Not Sure You Have A Case

You may feel that you did something that put you in harm’s way. It doesn’t matter if you are even partially to blame for an accident; in situations of negligence, a case can still be pursued. Evidence does not last forever after a crash. This is why it’s extremely important to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident. An attorney can ensure that the crash scene is documented, evidence from that scene is preserved and the insurance company is notified.

At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, we are not a “settlement mill” that churns cases in and out without consideration and investigation. Instead, we go over each detail and thoroughly prepare each case. When warranted, we enlist the help of experts to glean the evidence and prove the validity of our argument. While not every case goes to trial, we prepare as if each case will. This puts both you and our team in the best negotiating position should a settlement come forth.

Call The Firm That Will Make A Difference

At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, our team has earned millions of dollars for clients in settlements and verdicts. We offer exceptional negotiation and trial skills and a warm, caring staff that will help put you at ease. Call us today to find out how we can help: 888-900-7086. You can also get in touch via email. Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, serving the people of Middle Tennessee since 1975.