How We Manage High-Conflict Divorces

Divorce is one of the most overwhelming and emotional trials individuals can face. A divorce can be amicable with the parties seamlessly agreeing on divorce terms. Divorce can also be highly contentious, hurtful and difficult.

If you fear your divorce could become hostile, seeking skilled legal representation is very important.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, in Murfreesboro, we have established a reputation for helping individuals throughout Middle Tennessee who are in the midst of high-conflict divorces.

With decades of collective experience, we have honed our skills as effective negotiators and skilled litigators. Our leading family law attorney Luke Evans, have represented individuals in hundreds of cases involving a wide range of scenarios, including:

Child Custody And Parenting Issues

Children are often the focal point of contentious divorces. Parents often believe the other parent will prevent the other from seeing the children. In some cases, children become pawns. Our legal team is committed to fighting on your behalf and protecting your relationship with your children.

If your spouse has filed a false domestic violence claim against you in an effort to prevent you from seeing the children, we will investigate the claim and take immediate action. However, it is important to take legal steps immediately. Do not delay.

Asset Division

Many divorcing parties are rightfully concerned about division of assets. Some spouses hide assets or drain bank and investment accounts.

Our legal team is prepared to protect your interest in your retirement assets, business and other important marital assets. We will work to ensure a fair and equitable split of all property in your marital estate.

Our Approach: Keeping A Level Head

Whether your concerns lie with your assets or your children, our attorneys focus on finding a resolution and minimizing the drama. We cut through the emotion and conflict with practical and efficient strategies. We keep a level head in order to reach a fair and equitable resolution.

At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, we will work to achieve the best possible outcome. Let our experienced team help you.

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