Meticulous Legal Counsel For Divorce

Divorce is often a turning point in life. The changes that divorce brings can be stressful and overwhelming, but taking the right steps during the divorce process can help you avoid problems now and in the future.

Whether you face a divorce with complex conflicts or significant property, we have the experience to guide you. Since 1975, Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC has supported clients in Murfreesboro and across Tennessee.

Facilitating Fair Property Division And Financial Outcomes

Your case may involve dividing property within or outside of court. In a divorce trial, we can represent your interests for long-term financial stability in front of a judge, who ultimately decides what each spouse will walk away with. In a divorce settlement, we can work to negotiate with the other party, prioritizing the assets that matter most to you.

Identifying all marital property is essential to get a fair award or settlement. You can benefit from our deep knowledge of forensic accounting and complex financial matters. We also work with financial experts when necessary to thoroughly prepare each case. Our divorce lawyers have the skills necessary to locate any hidden, depleted or destroyed assets.

We will also evaluate any opportunity for support payments. Child support is often necessary to minimize the financial impact of divorce on children. Spousal support can also be particularly valuable if you have a need that comes with high expenses, such as a serious medical condition. It may also ease the transition period following divorce.

Your Personal Objectives Are Important To Us

Divorce is a personal and emotional process. Although the financial and legal details are critical, we do not lose sight that you are experiencing a difficult time. As your attorneys, we will communicate clearly and work toward results that can make a difference in your life.

Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC regularly works with parents who fear losing their children in child custody disputes. We also know that certain sentimental property and pets could be meaningful to you. At every step, we will use our negotiation and trial skills to advocate for the best possible arrangement.

Discuss Your Divorce Options

Professional legal advice can help you build a strategy to make the most of your divorce. To schedule a consultation with one of our divorce lawyers, email our office or call 888-900-7086 .