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Health Insurance & Medicare Fraud

Underneath the health care industry lies a complex maze of cost structures and billing procedures. Even for professionals who handle billing on a daily basis, this can be a complicated and confusing process.

There is a high margin for error, and mistakes happen.

The Importance Of Seeking Skilled, Reputable Defense Representation

If you are a medical provider or doctor accused of health insurance or Medicare fraud, you could face potentially serious charges that could impact or destroy the practice you have worked hard to establish.

Taking these allegations seriously and seeking the advice of a law firm with extensive knowledge handling these types of cases is vital to protecting you, your future and your practice.

An Established, Experienced Team

At Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC Attorneys at Law, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we are an established team of skilled defense litigators with decades of collective experience advocating for individuals throughout who are facing serious health care insurance, Medicare, TennCare fraud and related criminal charges.

Some of the most common health insurance fraud accusations include:

  • Falsifying bills
  • Double billing
  • Billing for unidentified patients

In many cases, such billing practices are unintentional. Most health care providers do not have any plan to cheat any insurance company, Medicare and TennCare administrator.

Let Us Use Our 40+ Years Of Experience To Advocate For You

At Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC, Attorneys at Law, we understand what’s at stake for you and your practice. We will conduct a deep investigation of the allegations, including the specifics your billing practices, and work with financial professionals and other experts to build a solid defense on your behalf.

We will attempt to resolve the matters through negotiations with prosecutors to quickly remedying the error. However, if the case moves to court, our experienced litigation team will be prepared to aggressively fight on your behalf for our interests.

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