High-Asset Divorce

Couples who have achieved financial success often face unique legal challenges when they divorce. Substantial retirement benefits, real estate, investments, inheritances or unique assets, such as art, furnishings or classic automobiles, often become areas of dispute. The ownership of one or more businesses or professional practices may also be involved.

When so much is at stake, you want the advocacy of a lawyer who is astute at preserving your wealth and protecting you from undue taxation.

How We Work With High-Asset Divorces

At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, in Murfreesboro, the heart of our practice is handling complex family law cases for Middle Tennessee and throughout the state.

Many of our divorce clients are seeking representation equipped to evaluate substantial assets, all while protecting their interests.

Our Attorneys have built a reputation for handling complex divorces and custody battles for those in high-level positions such as CEOs, CFOs, doctors, attorneys and entrepreneurs.

We Can Accurately Valuate Your Business

Many of our clients who need help with their divorce own a business. A critical aspect of closely held businesses involves placing a value on the business.

Our attorneys will evaluate all business documents, accounts and affiliations and help you determine the types of division that are in your short- and long-term financial best interests.

Protecting Your Retirement Accounts

When dividing assets, retirement accounts, portfolios and pensions often are raise important issues.

In many cases, a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) is a way to protect certain retirement accounts. Our skilled family law attorneys can offer guidance to determining if a qualified domestic relations order is necessary for your situation.

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We understand your desire to protect property and other assets. Let our experienced team of attorneys advocate for you so you can move forward onto a new chapter in your life. Our attorneys know that discretion and privacy are important to you. You can be confident that we will treat your financial and personal information with the utmost care.

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