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Drug Possession & Trafficking

Drug charges may be one of the most commonly charged criminal offenses, but without skilled representation, they can still cost you years of prison time and a criminal record that will cut you off from opportunities for the rest of your life.

It is important to take drug charges seriously and fight them with a proven criminal defense team you can trust.

Decades Of Experience Trying Cases In State And Federal Court

At Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC Attorneys at Law, we have decades of proven experience defending individuals in Murfreesboro and throughout Middle Tennessee facing all types of drug charges in both state and federal court, including, but not limited to:

  • Drug possession and possession with intent to sell
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug trafficking
  • Conspiracy and RICO charges
  • Prescription drug charges and prescription drug fraud

We Know What’s At Stake

Individuals convicted of certain drug offenses face steep mandatory minimum sentences. In some situations, the prosecution will seek to stack charges to increase the penalties.

Our criminal defense team will fight to protect your freedom. We move quickly, conducting an immediate investigation and assembling necessary evidence.

We Know The Law. Let Us Help You.

With years of experience handling many different cases — including capital murder cases — we are equipped to handle the most serious cases.

Over an initial consultation, we can discuss your cases, talk about defense strategies and whether going to trial or working with the prosecution is in your best interest.

Our bottom line: protecting your freedom and mitigating consequences.

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