Fathers’ Rights And Parental Alienation

Many fathers assume the mother has the upper hand in divorce, custody or parental rights proceedings.

While this may have been true in the past, it is not true today. Tennessee family law courts look at what is in the best interest of the child — and this is commonly accomplished when both parents are involved in the child’s life.

Whether you are anxious to protect your parental rights during divorce or seeking to establish paternity of your child and gain rights, you need an attorney who understands how to advocate on your behalf.

How We Protect Fathers’ Rights

At Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC, in Murfreesboro, we are an established law firm with extensive experience handling high-conflict family law matters. We often represent fathers, both in divorce and paternity proceedings, who need a legal advocate.

Together, attorneys Luke Evans have handled hundreds of family law cases throughout the state of Tennessee. Our team has decades of collective negotiation and litigation experience and is adept at handling high-conflict situations.

Some of our lawyers have been recognized as a Super Lawyer and voted top 100 trial lawyers by The National Trial Lawyers, an association made up of a select group of attorneys who have exhibited stringent skill sets in the practice of law.

Let us fight to protect or establish the relationships with your children.

Establishing Paternity For Nonmarried Fathers

If you are not married to the mother of your children and you want to establish rights for your child, you will need to take a paternity test to prove you are the biological father of your child. Once you have done so, you can seek rights to custody, visitation and the right to make certain decisions for your child.

Parental Alienation

It is not uncommon for a parent to try to turn the children against the father, usually by telling the children lies or giving them information that they are too young to understand. This is known as parental alienation. Tennessee family law courts will not hesitate to take appropriate action if this is taking place.

If you suspect your children’s mother is trying to alienate you from your child, turn to our legal team. We can help advocate for your rights and stop the conduct from continuing.

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