How can you diminish the power of harmful witness testimony?

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Being accused of a federal crime can leave you on edge, worried about what the prosecutorial process will have in store for you. You’re probably worried about what a conviction will mean for your freedom and your future, and for good reason given the significant penalties that can befall you if you’re found to be guilty.

But there are ways to fight back against the prosecution. One of them is to aggressively and effectively challenge the credibility of the prosecution’s witnesses.

Top ways to attack the reliability of witness testimony

If the prosecution’s witnesses testify without being challenged, then the jury is probably going to take them at their word. Therefore, if you want to diminish the weight given to their testimony, then you should see if you can do any of the following:

  • Show that the witness is biased against you, like when someone you had a falling out with decides to testify in your case.
  • Demonstrate that the witness is motivated to testify against you, such as when they were given leniency in exchange for their testimony.
  • Point out inconsistent statements that the witness has made, which will leave the jury feeling like they can’t be trusted.
  • Highlight any criminal history related to truthfulness (or lack thereof) pertaining to the witness.
  • Use other evidence to concretely contradict the witness’s testimony.

Remember, if you can draw a witness’ credibility into question, then you increase your chances of avoiding conviction and protecting your future. So, be thorough in assessing your options here and aggressive in executing them.

Craft an effective criminal defense that protects your future

There’s a lot of risk heading into your federal criminal case. But you can protect yourself more fully by being prepared heading into court. That’s why now is the time to start building the criminal defense strategy that’s right for you.