Accused of Medicare fraud? You need to protect yourself

On Behalf of | May 3, 2020 | Health Insurance & Medicare Fraud |

If you’ve been accused of Medicare fraud, you need to know that it’s extremely serious. It is essentially stealing from the government, and that can lead to heavy fines and penalties as well as a prison sentence. 

Today, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force is in charge of identifying fraud, waste and abuse of the benefits system. It was started in 2007, and it operates around the United States. They work with local authorities, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Office of the Inspector General and others to build cases so that they can quickly identify healthcare fraud and make sure those who commit fraud are prosecuted. 

It is necessary to say that not all situations that appear to be fraud are actually crimes. For example, if you’ve ever worked in a medical office, you know that the coding system is complex. Hitting the wrong number or entering information on the wrong line could result in Medicare being charged for the wrong patient or the wrong treatment. It’s a hassle, but a mistake does not mean that you’ve committed fraud, especially if you’re willing to correct it. 

Accused of fraud? Build your defense right away

It is true that the Strike Force teams have been able to shut down fraud schemes all over the United States, which has helped them recover millions of dollars. Thousands of people have been arrested for allegedly participating in fraud as well. 

As a medical provider, this situation may frighten you, and you’re right to be worried if you’re accused of medical or health insurance fraud. You need to have a strong defense to protect your good name, your license and your freedoms as soon as an investigation begins.