How can I recognize if my spouse is considering a divorce?

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For many people in Tennessee whose marriage is near its end and they are planning a divorce, it is a mutual situation. They have been having problems getting along and other obstacles have come up making the marriage difficult to maintain. That could be infidelity, addiction, abuse and more.

In some cases, however, people do not realize that their marriage is in trouble until the other person informs them that they want a divorce. For those who are seeing behavioral changes in their spouse, it might be because they are thinking about ending the marriage. Recognizing the signals—whether they are subtle or overt—can be useful in determining what options are available.

People who are concerned about their marriage should know the warning signs

While there are many ways in which a person will convey their unhappiness and the potential decision that they are going to pursue a divorce, some are more obvious than others. Behavioral changes are a common way people will express their unhappiness. One spouse avoiding the other, a decline in time spent doing things as a couple and less conversation could all signify problems in the marriage. It may be difficult to admit this is happening, but once the decision is made to divorce, these activities are seen in retrospect.

A lack of intimacy could mean the couple is disconnected. Many people no longer show affection, do not engage in sexual relations or simply avoid touching. They may not express positive back and forth together. In these cases, people will frequently refuse to try to repair lingering disagreements. Once the realization comes into focus, the offer to go to counseling or try to get back to where they were in the past is summarily rejected.

A lack of care about the other person’s feelings can be a hallmark of a failing marriage. This can escalate to negativity, criticizing the other person over small things and poorly hidden contempt.

Some behaviors indicate the spouse is involved with another person. Unusual text messages, hiding phone calls, changed schedules and shady behavior could also indicate unfaithfulness. They might also be trying to get back in shape, changing how they dress and focusing more on how they look. It might be something so simple as checking their web search history and seeing that they are searching divorce issues and what goes along with it.

If divorce may be on the horizon, it is wise to have advice with the process

It is important to recognize these signs to be prepared. That could be helpful in salvaging the marriage. In addition, if the marriage cannot be repaired, there are many factors that must be considered as the case proceeds.

In high-asset divorces, finances can be especially problematic. That can include retirement accounts, property that has been accrued, inheritances, vehicles, items of sentimental value, collectibles, businesses and more. Having professional advice can be critical and the sooner the person seeks this type of guidance, the better prepared they will be.