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Embezzlement is not always easy to identify

There are many kinds of fraud that can occur in the business world, and all of them are typically more complex than they seem at first glance. Embezzlement is one of the most commonly misunderstood forms of fraud, which can quickly lead to unfair allegations. If you face accusations of embezzlement, it is crucial to understand the circumstances that surround these allegations and the regulations that apply to you.

What are the consequences of white-collar crime?

If you have become involved in corrupt behavior at your employer in Tennessee and are concerned about being convicted of white-collar crime, you may be wondering how your decisions could ultimately affect your life. Crimes of this caliber can be concerning because of how many people they can affect. Understanding how your decision to act questionably in the workplace could potentially affect other areas of your life may encourage you to make amends as quickly as possible. 

Small businesses inoperable after fraud by payroll company

When businesses in Tennessee entrust aspects of their operation to a third-party, they often have specific reasons for doing so. They may be looking to streamline their processes, reduce busywork or expedite the efficiency with which they operate. However, they must rely on these third-party entities to uphold their portion of the agreement in order for everything to continue to function seamlessly. 

White collar criminals face a lifetime of rebuilding trust

White-collar crime is often a complicated web of missteps and deception that can sometimes take considerable time to untangle. People who have been involved in white-collar or financial crimes in Tennessee may not realize or care just how much of an impact their choices have had on victims, their place of employment and even their own reputation. 

Examples of health insurance fraud

Health insurance fraud costs Tennessee residents a lot of money because they end up paying for it through higher healthcare expenses and insurance premiums. Both healthcare workers and scammers are offenders of this type of fraud, and along with paying more, some victims also face harm due to this deceit.

Is damaging a mailbox really a federal crime?

When it comes to answering to federal criminal charges, your intent is often the most vital aspect of your case. Oftentimes, you may not fully realize that what you are doing is indeed a crime; you may simply believe you are helping someone out or just having some fun. Yet it is the end result that will typically bring scrutiny upon you. Take the act of destroying or breaking open a mailbox. According to the U.S. Postal Service, doing so could net you a $250,000 fine or three years in prison (or a combination of both). 

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