Fraud Against Banks And Lending Institutions

Banks and lending institutions provide financing and extra money to individuals to meet household needs, and to businesses to cover costs and grow. While the money is available, it comes at a specific cost that is calculated by the lending institution to protect its investment against risk. When an individual or business falsifies information to obtain more money or receive it at a better rate, it is putting the bank or lending institution at great risk and is considered theft. This is a criminal offense, and prosecutors aggressively charge this crime.

If you have been accused of bank fraud or of knowingly using false information to obtain more money, you could be looking at significant jail time and a criminal record that would harm your professional and personal future.

Protecting You From Serious Prison Time After Allegations That You Have Committed Fraud

At Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC, we are skilled in aggressively fighting such charges with strategic defenses. We understand how complicated the banking industry can be, as well as the potential mistakes that can occur. Our firm is dedicated to advocating on behalf of our clients to achieve the best possible outcome and to protect our clients' futures.

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Common types of bank fraud include:

  • Lying on a loan application
  • Mortgage fraud or using false information to obtain a better mortgage
  • Improper and fraudulent accounting practices
  • Forging checks or other bank statements
  • Using impersonation to obtain money from a bank
  • Wire transfer fraud

We will thoroughly investigate these charges and the circumstances that surrounded the situation in question. We will work with experts and financial professionals to evaluate what happened and use evidence to build a solid bank fraud defense on your behalf. We understand the nuances of the banking industry and where potential mistakes or errors could occur due to the complexities of the system. We are committed to protecting your interests and your future with proven defense strategies.

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