Health Insurance And Medicare Fraud Defense

Underneath the health care industry lies a complex maze of cost structures and billing procedures. Even for professionals who handle billing on a daily basis, this can be a complicated and confusing process. There is a high margin for error, and mistakes do happen.

If you are a medical provider or doctor who has been accused of health insurance or Medicare fraud, you are facing potentially serious charges that could impact or destroy the practice you have built. You need to take these allegations seriously and seek legal representation that you know has the experience and industry understanding needed to aggressively defend you and your practice.

Advocating On Your Behalf When You've Been Accused Of Health Insurance Fraud Or Medicare Fraud

At Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC, we are skilled litigators who understand the health care industry and how to protect our clients from serious accusations of health insurance, Medicare or TennCare fraud.

A fraud conviction could dismantle your practice and your professional career. If you or your practice are being charged with health care fraud, turn to a firm you can trust to protect you. Call Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, today at 800-673-1947.

Some of the most common health insurance fraud accusations include falsifying bills, double billing or billing for patients who haven't actually been seen. In most cases, an error (or even a pervasive pattern of widespread errors) has occurred. This doesn't necessarily mean that the practice was intentionally fraudulent or ever intended to cheat insurance companies or Medicare and TennCare administrators.

We will conduct a deep investigation of the allegations against you, including the nuts and bolts of your billing practices to determine how the error occurred. We will work with financial professionals and experts to build a solid defense on your behalf.

If the matter can be resolved through negotiations with prosecutors and quickly remedying the error, we will use our evidence to work toward a favorable deal or compromise. If the case moves to court, be assured that our team is experienced in litigation and prepared to aggressively fight on your behalf to protect your practice.

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