Just about anyone could face white collar charges

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For most of us, the idea of financial fraud or white-collar criminal charges seems like issues other people face. However, the fact of the matter is, just about anyone could face white collar charges.

Wait, how?

Do you have access to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, customer information? If so, at a minimum, you could face identity theft charges for any misuse of that information. Just do not just misuse customer information, right? Wrong. Even if you never intentionally misuse customer information, you could still face identity theft charges.

For example, if you leave your computer logged on, and someone else takes information from your computer, access can trace back to you. If you inadvertently drop customer information or forget to shred something, access could also be traced back to you.

What if you work for a fraudster?

Have you ever run a background check on your boss or your Murfreesboro, Tennessee, employer? Have you hired a company to vet your employer or the products or services they sell? The answer is probably, no. Rarely, do employees or potential employees do these things, even if they had the resources to conduct a background check. However, if it turns out that your employer or boss is a fraudster, you too could face white-collar criminal charges.

For example, even the secretary at a company perpetrating a Ponzi scheme could face charges as a result. A marketing company could be an illegal Pump and Dump scheme, but even if you just run their social media, you could face charges too.

What do I do if I face charges?

The old adage of, “you can avoid the time, but you cannot avoid the ride” is very apt to these situations. This is because, even though you did not knowingly do anything wrong, you can still be arrested (the ride), but with the help of an experienced Middle Tennessee white collar crime attorney, you can use this lack of knowledge and intention to get your case dropped or win at trial.