Cohabitating after a divorce

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When you think of divorce, you may imagine a messy and complicated situation filled with disagreements about who gets what. While that might be the case for some divorcing couples in Tennessee and elsewhere, this is not always the reality. Determining who gets the family home can be difficult, but what if both spouses keep it?

Living together divorced

For many divorcing couples, the idea is to end the marriage and live their lives separately. Nonetheless, some divorcing couples have decided to handle things differently. Instead of fighting over who gets to keep the house, they decide they will both keep the family home and live in it.

This might seem like an unusual and unique situation because it is. However, it is an option divorced couples are growing more accustomed to.

Why live together?

There are a few reasons why a divorced couple will decide to reside in the family home after the divorce is completed. For starters, if the couple has children, sharing the home can be very beneficial for them. Granted, this is only the case if the couple can amicably cohabitate together. Otherwise, the high conflict of them could negatively impact the children.

Finances serve as another reason to remain in the home together post-divorce. For many, it is a hard time financially; therefore, the costs associated with divorce plus a new place to live may be more than one can take on. Thus, remaining in the home separate but together may be the best situation for the divorced couple right now.

No matter why or how cohabitating after divorce looks like, there should be parameters and basic understandings for this arrangement. This may require a legal document outlining this.

Whether it is a unique situation or one commonly decided in a divorce, it is important that divorcing spouses gain full and complete information regarding their situation. This means understanding your rights, the process and how to ensure your best interests are met.