Protecting your assets in a complex divorce case

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Any given divorce case can be hard enough when the full gamut of issues is involved – child custody, child support, alimony and property and debt division. However, a case can get quite a bit more complex when high-value assets are at stake or a divorcing couple has a high net-worth.

So, how can you protect your assets in a complex divorce case? Well, for starters, a full accounting of your assets and your debts needs to be part of the property and debt division process. You can’t very well divide up what you don’t know about, right? Artwork, real estate, investment accounts, business interests – these are oftentimes all a part of resolving the property and debt division issue in a complex divorce case. And, sometimes, a spouse might be inclined to attempt to hide assets. If that is happening in your divorce case, things may get especially complex in a hurry.

Of course, once everything is found and listed in the case, then comes the often- complicated process of valuing all of the assets. These assets don’t have price tags on them – their value comes from opinions of appraisers and others who can form a view of how much the assets are worth.

Your assets, your case

In the end, protecting your assets in a divorce case will typically come down to how well you know your financial status and how well you can negotiate and push for a fair settlement. At our law firm, we work with Tennessee residents who are moving through complex divorce cases. For more information, please visit the high-asset divorce overview section of our law firm’s website.