How is child custody determined in Tennessee?

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A couple will face numerous challenges through the divorce process. Whether they are dividing physical property, digital assets a family business or a private practice, the divorce process is likely to be complicated by several factors. Discussions centering on the children can often become emotionally turbulent debates.

While the state laws might differ slightly in terminology, the Tennessee courts take care to protect the best interests of the child. Based on the unique circumstances of the marriage and the existing family dynamic, the courts consider many factors when deciding child custody, including:

  • If the child demonstrates the proper maturity, their preferences are taken into consideration.
  • Whether the child will suffer a disruption in stability – home, school, community – based on a change in living arrangement.
  • If a disruption is likely to occur, has the child demonstrated the maturity needed to adapt?
  • Is there a significant difference in the capability of each parent to provide for the child’s needs?
  • Is there a history of domestic violence, child abuse, negligence or substance abuse?
  • Is there a significant difference in parenting skills and the ability to foster a maturing relationship with the child?

During the divorce process, Tennessee courts will thoroughly examine numerous factors to arrive at a solution that is beneficial to both the divorcing parents and the children.

What if relocation becomes necessary?

It is not uncommon for a parent to need to relocate. Whether this is due to career advancement, a new job, advanced education or to be physically closer to family, parental relocation can represent a significant disruption in custody, visitation and the parenting schedule. Even though the parents might feel they can reach a compromise on their own, it is crucial that these negotiations are handled through the appropriate legal process.

Do not hesitate to seek the guidance of an experienced legal professional with questions about the divorce process or how child custody is handled through the Tennessee courts.