Computer crimes that can lead to serious consequences

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In recent decades, computers have become common in most households and businesses. It is probably safe to say that computers are irreplaceable to most as they help us shop, pay our bills and stay in touch with friends and family.

Unfortunately, these virtual environments are ideal places in which to commit white-collar offenses either purposefully or accidentally. Federal and state authority figures are constantly working to identify and address illegal computer activities. As such, laws are already in place to hold those responsible for harming others through the use of computers.

Examples of white-collar offenses in Tennessee involving computers include:

  • Obtaining services, property or money through computer fraud
  • Falsifying computer data for personal gain
  • Interfering with financial transactions to misappropriate funds or commit fraud
  • Accessing restricted computer networks
  • Introducing malware or viruses to computer or network
  • Making copies of computer software or data without authorization

Some of these offenses may only result in misdemeanor charges, but others are much more grave. Examples of felony computer crimes include performing terroristic acts via computers and defrauding others out of their property via computers.

Our Murfreesboro criminal defense attorneys have seen professionals face serious felony and misdemeanor charges simply because they did not understand computer crime laws. Because of this, we urge you to learn as much as possible about these laws, especially if you work with computers regularly.

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