The penalties are stiff for Tennessee protective order violations

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2019 | Violent Offenses |

“Protective orders” can be referred to in a variety of ways in Murfreesboro and other parts of Tennessee. They’re sometimes called “restraining orders,” and other times, they are referred to as “orders of protection”. Each of these legal documents has the same purpose, no matter what they’re referred to as. These orders exist to keep one individual a certain distance away from another one who requested protection.

Judges frequently issue protective orders in Tennessee domestic violence cases in which an individual alleges that they were stalked, threatened or abused by another person. While many courts only institute temporary protection orders, Tennessee law allows for these orders to remain in effect for a year unless the term is modified by a judge.

Individuals who fear that their abuser may use a gun on them may petition a judge to include a special provision in their restraining order. It may state that the respondent is unable to purchase or even have a gun at their disposal while they’re subject to the protective order.

Tennessee law requires most everyone who an order of protection is filed against them to maintain a $2,500 bond for the duration of the time that the court order is in place. State law allows for anyone who violates the order to be assessed a $50 penalty for each violation.

An abuser can be held criminally liable for any violations. A defendant may face potential imprisonment if convicted of violating their restraining order. A conviction for such an offense on your record can affect your ability to maintain or secure a new job as well as custody of your kids. This is why you should only trust your case to an experienced attorney when your entire future is on the line.