Like a laser: law enforcers sharply focused on white collar crime

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | White Collar Offenses |

Many residents in Middle Tennessee and across the state might reasonably believe that white collar crime is a criminal law realm that authorities comparatively deemphasize. After all, it is often stories spotlighting notably violent crimes that garner high-profile press coverage in national media outlets. The white collar criminal sphere lacks similar pulse and drama.

Indeed, though, the white collar crime sphere has been tightly focused upon by regulators, prosecutors and both state and federal task forces (often operating together in investigatory probes) for some time now. That has been especially true since the wake of the deep financial recession that rocked the country a few years back.

And this has proven notable regarding that close scrutiny: Authorities have deep pockets and lasting resolve when it comes to filing criminal charges against white collar criminal defendants. Moreover, the penalties sought can be draconian, especially when federal crimes are alleged.

Many individuals accused of wrongdoing can rightly say that they lacked criminal intent and were even unaware that they engaged in wrongdoing. And as we note on our website at the established Murfreesboro criminal defense firm of Evans Bulloch Parker PLLC , other defendants legitimately believed that their conduct was truly “not a big deal.”

Government officials think otherwise, with their vigorous prosecution of wide-ranging fraud offenses being on a marked upswing in recent years.

The white collar criminal realm is notably singular and complex. Individuals with questions or concerns regarding fraud-linked accusations or charges can contact proven defense attorneys for candid guidance and proven legal representation.