A military divorce calls for a unique approach

On Behalf of | May 15, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

As a member of the military, you know that you live a different life than many people. However, just the same as others, you could find yourself facing a variety of family law problems at some point.

A military divorce can be every bit as complicated as it appears, as you need to take into consideration a variety of unique circumstances.

There are many challenges of a military divorce, including the fact that you may not have a lot of time in your schedule to devote to the process.

Furthermore, you have to think about things such as the division of military retirement benefits. It takes many years of hard work to earn retirement benefits, and the last thing you want to do is lose out on this money in the future.

If you have a child or children with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you may also have some questions about child support, child custody and parenting plans. This is particularly true if your military service calls for you to move from one location to the next.

While you hope that your marriage remains strong, you never know what could happen. If you have no choice but to look into a military divorce, you’ll want to learn more about the process as a whole and the steps you can take to protect your legal rights.

At our law firm, we have many years of experience dealing with the military divorce process. We know the ins and outs, what to expect and how to deal with common issues before they become major problems.