Spousal support: More than meets the eye

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2016 | Property Division |

As you go through the divorce process, you should turn your attention to the future. This means many things, including a look at how your financial situation will change.

In the event that one partner was the primary income earner for the family, it can lead to a situation in which the other person seeks spousal support.

Before we go any further, remember this: There is no guarantee that the court will award spousal support. Instead, this is looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Family law courts typically award spousal support based on these factors:

–The duration of the marriage, with this most common in relationships that lasted 10 or more years.

— If one spouse made a sacrifice in an attempt to support the career of the other.

— Any physical or mental condition that could impact the person’s ability to earn an income.

— Any non-financial contributions, such as if one parent stayed at home primarily to raise their family.

In most cases, when spousal support is granted, it’s for a certain period of time. This is meant to give the person enough time to find a job as to support him or herself.

If you’re going through divorce and have reason to believe you should receive spousal support, it’s a good idea to learn more about your rights.

At our law firm, we have many years experience helping people receive spousal support while dealing with a variety of other family law concerns. We know this is a tough time, but there are steps you can take to feel better about the future.