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How can you protect your business assets in divorce?

As you face the divorce process, you'll have many questions and concerns related to your personal and professional life. Along with this, you may worry about how your finances will be impacted. This is particularly true if you are a business owner.

Catch your spouse red-handed hiding assets

Sometimes in a hotly contested divorce, couples deceitfully try to hide assets from one another to avoid losing them in a property settlement. This can backfire if the spouse gets caught, but the other spouse first has to know where to look or even that those assets exist.

Can assets be shielded from the marital estate?

Common property division principles rules apply in a high-asset divorce. However, a recent article cautions that special fact-finding measures should be employed to protect oneself during this type of divorce. A law firm that focuses on divorce and property division issues can investigate whether assets were properly transferred. 

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