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Why can a premarital agreement be ruled invalid by the court?

It wasn't so long ago that prenuptial agreements were only really thought of for couples who had tremendous wealth or at least one spouse did. Today, however, prenups are becoming more common among couples of ordinary means.

Divorce and protecting your business

The "happily ever after" doesn't always happen as many married couples imagined when they walked down the aisle. In fact, recent statistics show that 52 percent of first marriages end in divorce. In addition, 70 percent of second and third marriages end up in divorce court. When a business is involved, though, the divorce can become much more difficult.

Catch your spouse red-handed hiding assets

Sometimes in a hotly contested divorce, couples deceitfully try to hide assets from one another to avoid losing them in a property settlement. This can backfire if the spouse gets caught, but the other spouse first has to know where to look or even that those assets exist.

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