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Appeals court excludes 'enterprise goodwill' in divorce

A Tennessee appeals court recently ruled that the trial court hearing in the divorce case of a dentist and his wife must produce a valuation of the dentist's practice "without consideration of professional or enterprise goodwill." What does this mean for business owners in Tennessee who get divorced?

Can a prenuptial agreement maintain your lifestyle after divorce?

According to one estimate, over two-thirds of divorces are caused by disputes over financial issues. Accordingly, although it may not seem romantic to talk about money before your marriage, it may very well be the best thing for it.

Are prenuptial agreements about more than just money?

Tennessee law may sometimes refer to prenuptial agreements as antenuptial agreements, but the process is the same: executing a contract before marriage that addresses issues of asset and debt division, and possibly matters of spousal support or setting boundaries to the marital estate.

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