High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys

Couples who have been financially successful face unique legal challenges when they divorce. The success you achieved, and the assets you have acquired as a result of that success, become areas of dispute. When so much is at stake, you want the advocacy of a lawyer who is astute at preserving wealth and protecting you from undue taxation.

A high-asset or complex divorce is one in which the assets of the couple divorcing are substantial or complicated. The ownership of one or more businesses or professional practices may be involved, along with substantial retirement benefits, real estate, investments, inheritances or unique assets such as art, furnishings or classic automobiles.

Brad Hornsby is known for handling divorces and custody battles for those in high-level positions such as CEOs, CFOs, doctors, attorneys and entrepreneurs.

Property Division ∙ Division Of Retirement Funds ∙ Identifying Hidden Assets

A critical aspect of complex divorce is valuing and dividing closely held businesses in a way that is agreeable to both sides. All business documents, accounts and affiliations are analyzed in this process. Our approach is to communicate clearly to clients what is at stake and what method of division is in their best short- and long-term financial interests.

While attending to important details of valuation and division of assets, we work with you to come to an acceptable agreement on child custody and visitation, financial support for children of the marriage and issues of alimony/spousal maintenance.

Our attorneys appreciate that discretion and privacy are important to you. You may be certain that your financial and personal information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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