Answers To Your Child Custody Questions

Almost every parent who has gone through divorce has experienced the deep fear that parting ways with their spouse will affect their relationship with their child. Many fear that their spouse will try to prevent them from seeing the children. Some fear that they will grow away from their children as they have less parenting time.

Protecting Your Relationship With Your Children

While legal solutions cannot mend the deep emotional pain of divorce, they can provide a foundation for the family moving forward. At Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC, we understand the fear that parents have and are experienced in creating child custody and visitation plans that protect a parent's relationship with his or her children. These plans create structures for the parents to spend quality time with the children and learn to co-parent in a manner that is most healthy for the children. We help you create a new sense of normalcy for your children in which they can flourish.

Let us help you understand your options for child custody and visitation, as well as how you can continue to nourish a relationship with your child following the divorce. Call our law offices today at 800-673-1947. We represent parents throughout Murfreesboro and Tennessee.

We are experienced in handling all types of custody issues and conflicts, including:

  • Co-parenting — Many parents are simply seeking a custody agreement that allows both parents quality time with the children and will create a dynamic partnership under which they can work together to raise the children. We will help you understand all options for this as you start this new chapter of parenting.
  • Fathers' rights — Our firm works with fathers who fear that the mother will block them from seeing their child. This could be a mother who has gained the upper hand in a divorce. We also represent fathers who are not married to the mother of their children. We will zealously advocate on your behalf to protect your parental rights and help you achieve the time you want to spend with your child.
  • Parental alienation — In unfortunate cases, one parent may try to turn a child against the other parent. We fight to make sure that if this is occurring, the court intervenes to protect the child from parental alienation.
  • Orders of protection — Orders of protection can become a factor when the child needs to be protected from a parent. In some situations, however, a parent may call in a false domestic violence claim to block the other parent from seeing the children. We are experienced in investigating these circumstances and helping you take appropriate action.

For more information on how we can help you resolve your child custody and parenting issues, please contact our law offices today.