Tennessee Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

At Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC of Murfreesboro, federal criminal defense attorney Luke Evans primarily handles our firm's federal criminal cases.

Mr. Evans has successfully defended clients charged with a multitude of federal crimes. Mr. Evans defends clients accused of almost every federal charge: embezzlement, bank, tax or mortgage fraud; health care fraud offenses such as Medicare fraud; gang conspiracy offenses, such as violations of the Hobbs Act and various gun offenses under 18 U.S.C. 922 and 924(c); drug offenses such as conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance in a protected area, marijuana grow operations, drug trafficking and firearm possession in connection with drug trafficking; sex crimes, such as child pornography; and charges related to obstruction of justice and perjury.


Why Federal Cases Are More Difficult

Many good defense lawyers don't handle federal cases. The prosecution in a federal case has tremendous resources in funding, data, quality personnel and experience to apply to cases. In addition to these resources, there are other disadvantages to federal cases:

  • You face a 95 percent chance of conviction.
  • You are prosecuted by the U.S. attorney's office.
  • Sentencing is more severe than in state courts - with large fines and lengthy prison sentences.
  • Early parole is not an option.
  • Plea bargaining seldom occurs.

Mr. Evans regularly defends clients against a wide array of criminal charges, including:

Federal drug crimes: trafficking, manufacturing, distribution, cultivation, conspiracy, sale to a minor

White collar crimes: embezzlement, kickbacks, extortion, piracy, corporate fraud

Fraud: health care and Medicare fraud, mortgage fraud, bank fraud, tax fraud, wire and mail fraud

Weapons charges: felon in possession, sale to a juvenile or felon, weapons used in connection with drug trade

Money laundering: often in connection with other charges, such as drug trafficking, gambling, racketeering and many types of fraud

Crimes of violence: homicide, non-negligent manslaughter, aggravated assault, rape, robbery, burglary and kidnapping

Racketeering: wiretapping, organized crime activities and RICO cases

Sex crimes: child pornography, aggravated sexual abuse, repeat offenders, sexual exploitation of children, human trafficking, sexual abuse of a minor and sexual abuse resulting in death

Mr. Evans has successfully defended clients facing various federal charges. Mr. Evans has also successfully defended clients facing serious drug trafficking charges, conspiracy charges, fraud charges, sex trafficking charges and weapons charges.


Seeking The Best Possible Case Result

When faced with federal criminal charges, you need an attorney who will immediately begin investigating your case to litigate constitutional issues related to the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments. Federal charges very often rely on wiretap evidence, coconspirator statement evidence and evidence obtained from confidential sources. It is essential to work with a lawyer like Luke Evans, who has extensive experience litigating the constitutional aspects of these kinds of evidence. Many of Mr. Evans' cases have turned on the constitutionality of wiretaps as well as other evidence illegally seized by the government.

When your freedom is in jeopardy due to criminal charges, you need advanced legal representation to protect your liberties. At Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC, our federal attorneys utilize skilled investigators, experts and specialists, and have the resources to get you the best possible case result. Luke Evans has successfully defended clients facing federal criminal charges before a jury, receiving acquittals for their clients. Mr. Evans recently received acquittals from a jury for a client wrongfully accused of sex trafficking.

To further his interest in protecting the rights of those individuals charged with federal crimes, Luke Evans is a member of the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel of the Eastern and Middle Districts of Tennessee, a select group of attorneys appointed to handle federal criminal cases in those districts. He is admitted to practice in the United States District Courts for the Middle, Eastern and Western Districts of Tennessee and the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Mr. Evans has been recognized as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers in both 2012 and 2013, and has been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100.

Call Tennessee federal criminal defense attorney Luke Evans at Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC at 800-673-1947, or email him a brief description of your situation.