Corporate Litigation

Regardless of the industry, corporations face increasing pressure to increase stock price, meet shareholder needs and show year-over-year growth. As competition increases, companies may go to unfair or even illegal measures to establish an advantage. It is critical that a corporation is able to defend itself and its shareholders' interests from these illegal attacks.

To remain competitive, a company needs experienced legal backing from a firm that understands corporate law and is prepared to step in and protect the company's interests and market share.

Commercial And Corporate Litigation — Effective Representation For An Efficient Resolution

Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC is a skilled litigation firm in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, providing trusted legal representation to corporations involved in disputes or litigation, from breach of contract to shareholder disputes, throughout the state of Tennessee. We serve local companies, as well as entities nationwide who need representation. Our team of attorneys is known for its ability to prepare a case for the most successful outcome possible and for achieving results in a timely manner.

We network with regarded professionals, including CPAs, CFAs, forensic accountants and experts of any industry which we are representing, to build the most solid case possible. We have the resources and bandwidth to streamline a significant volume of data and information to quickly comb through all pertinent evidence. Our firm uses this information to comprehensively prepare for a successful settlement, or trial, if necessary.

Our team remains mindful of your business objectives and goals for growth throughout the case, working to complement those goals through the strategies used to resolve the litigation matter.

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