Effective In Achieving Results

The firm Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC was established in 1975. From our earliest days, we have been committed to delivering just outcomes. This commitment existed whether the cases we tried were popular with the public or not, as shown by our groundbreaking cases defending those accused of first degree murder, involving the Columbia Dam Project and defending against charges of sex trafficking.

Our reputation statewide is for excellence in criminal defense, where your rights are always on the line; family law, requiring both sensitivity and assertiveness; compensation for injuries resulting from negligence; dispute resolution between both individuals and businesses; the rights of individuals in the hands of law enforcement; and the essentials of estate and probate law.

Serving The Murfreesboro Area For More Than 40 Years

At the heart of our legal practice is a capacity for complexity — the ability to analyze large quantities of information (forensic, financial and medical) and arrive at a clear understanding of a case. This analytical talent extends to our other areas of practice, including our high-asset divorce practice, the intricacies of property division and the meticulous reconstruction of motor vehicle accidents.

When you have a legal problem that you need to be solved quickly and effectively, look to Bulloch, Fly, Hornsby & Evans PLLC of Murfreesboro, serving Middle Tennessee since 1975. We invite you to contact our office and schedule a preliminary case evaluation meeting with skilled Murfreesboro attorneys by calling 800-673-1947. Where appropriate, we offer these consultations free of charge.

Our offices are located just two blocks from the Rutherford County Courthouse in Murfreesboro. We look forward to meeting with you.